I fancied trying something a little different today and wanted to bake overnight around work, so I thought I’d make use of some beetroot powder I’d recently bought from Grape Tree. This also seemed like an excellent opportunity to try out some new smoked oil from the Cotswolds and give it a crunch using the excellent FWP Cotswold Crunch flour.


500g Cotswold crunch flower
12g Salt
7g Yeast
10g Beetroot powder
5g Turmeric powder
5g Nigella seeds
15ml Smoked olive oil
340ml Water



Simply measure out the wet ingredients into the bread basket and add the dry ones, with the salt first and everything else and, importantly, the yeast on top.



A red loaf and yellow insides! It’s crispy and soft inside like a pillow. It never ceases to amaze me the power of the nigella seeds though – a mere 5g and their presence is felt.

Sage Settings
Mix 10min | Knead 20min | Rise 40min @ 30ºC | Knock 10sec | Rise 30min @ 30ºC | Knock 10sec | Rise 1hr @ 30ºC | Bake 52min @ 145ºC

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