This is the first loaf I’ve made using the flour we got direct from FWP Matthews. Because it was super fresh flour and I wanted to make something special with it, I opted to use the baneton and make an oven baked loaf.


  • 500g Organic Cotswold Crunch flour
  • 20g Fresh yeast
  • 47g Avocado
  • 10g Salt (in 10ml water)
  • 350ml Water



Everything was mixed together except the salt and then left for 30min at 27°C. The salt was added and the dough kneaded. It was then placed in the fridge for 6hrs before being shaped and placed in a baneton for about 1.5hrs. It was then turned out and baked 20min at 230°C and 20min at 200°C


The loaf that came out was a delicious crusty bread with an attractive crumb and nutty taste. I was really pleased with this and will certainly buy more in the future.

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