Easy On The Oil

With my first attempt at bread making gone reasonably well, it was time to tricky and awkward second album or sequel.
Having reflected on the taste of the first and that slight sour flavour, I bought some light olive oil to use instead of the extra virgin olive oil.  Although the recipe was the same, I made a few other tweaks.  Originally, I’d planned to leave the dough overnight in the fridge, but space in there was tight, so I wasn’t able to.  What I did do was leave the dough for 1.5hrs in the kitchen instead and I was more careful about working the brew after it had grown.  I folded it over and cut it into thirds.  My good lady wife, took one third and made a plait, while I kept one as a control and the other I kneaded some poppy seeds into.  The other tweak was to bake them with a tray of water beneath the cooking bread.  This is supposed to give a crispy crust, which did sort of work.
They sure rose too!
The taste was considerably better too, so the change of oil was what I needed.  One of the loaves has been frozen, as before.

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