Up until now, I have been adding fat to my dough, either olive oil or butter.  I demonstrated the effect on calories using each and I’ve really wanted to make some dough without using any fat.  This week I gave it a go.  
  • 500g Strong Flour
  • 2tsp Salt
  • 7g Fast Action Yeast
  • 300ml Tepid Water
It’s the standard recipe and the dough was left overnight in the fridge to allow it to ferment a little to deepen the flavour.  In the morning, the dough was divided into three. One was the white control and the other two had date & walnut and sunflower seed & cranberries. The dough itself wasn’t tacky and kneading it was easy. Using the slightly warmer water, caused the dough rise a lot and I had great hopes for this session.
As it turned out, the two fruit & nut loaves came out really well.  The white was visually perfect and it tasted good, but it was dense and I’m wondering if I’d failed to stretch it enough before placing in the tin.  Perhaps the dough was too dry – I had used extra flour during the kneading and maybe there was insufficient liquid.  It still tasted good, just a little heavier.
Walnut & Date Bread

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