Introducing Turner…

Turner is my new Tamagotchi, it is, in fact a sourdough starter given to me by a friend at work.  I’ve not been baking bread lately with Worcestershire Film Festival and my birthday and then Christmas, however, I’m excited by the prospect of using a levain, even if I’m rusty on the baking.

Turner – Sourdough Starter
I’ve been feeding Turner every week with a 100ml water and 100g strong white flour mix.  I was using 150 but toned it down as it didn’t seem worth making extra.  At one point I put in some wholemeal and it’s interesting because even though I only used it once, there’s still evidence of it today.  These sourdoughs really can live a life and carry heritage from an earlier time.
The way feeding works is that you half the existing mix and throw away the one half.  Then you add the new flour / water mix and blend it in.  After a few hours it can start bubbling and increase in volume.

The last couple of weeks, I’ve left it in the fridge (now that there’s room) and hope this will become it’s new home as prior to that it was outside in the lean-to and it may have been a bit too cold.
Turner has been known to create a brown liquid on top which is alcohol from the sugars.  It generally means that it’s consumed all the food available, but since keeping it in the fridge, I’ve not had this.
One last note, leading up to using Turner, I fed it every other day, just to get it really excited.  It worked and I created several breads from the half I extracted.

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