Spelt & Rye

Having made six loaves of the Pain de Campagne bread for the family, I then needed to make a more whole grain bread for my Dad.  He’s always preferred granary bread so I wanted to create something more specific for him.  I ended up making some spelt and rye bread with some oat meal and seeds.  The first one I made came out like a house brick, so I adjusted the recipe to reduce the rye and increase the spelt.  However, after the get together, I revisited the brick and actually it was delicious.  So delicious, I’m likely to be making this again and again.

200g Spelt Flour
200g Rye Flour
100g White Strong Flour
350ml Water (tepid temperature, about 27ºC)
7g Fast Action Yeast
75g Mixed Seeds (25g each of linseed, sunflower and pumpkin seeds)
1tbl Sesame Seed Oil
1tbl Salt
1.5tsp Honey
The ingredients were mixed up and kneaded, then left for 1hr for the initial rise before punching down.  A second rise of 45min, punch down and then a third rise at 1hr again.
It was then baked in the oven, firstly for 20mins at 230ºC and then 20min at 200ºC, quickly turning every 10min.
Close-up of the crumb


This bread is excellent, despite the construction brick appearance, it has a crispy crunchy crust which has a fantastic nutty taste.  The crust gives way to to surprisingly light wholemeal flavour that’s soft to touch and very moorish.
Great to have with just butter, but warm it slightly and serve with scrambled egg and you have a smashing treat.

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