I’m going to make another go at the croissant. A while back, I made some Pain au Chocolates and they tasted good, but I really struggled with the process and they landed up being a bit dense due to not rolling out the dough thin enough and layering. There will be three posts on their making, this one about forming the dough, the second about shaping and fillings and the third with the final cooked pastries.

This time, I’m using a recipe from the River Cottage book, slightly modifying the recipe by halving the ingredients and using fresh yeast (mixed with the milk) and using 20% spelt, just for taste. I used the new Sage mixer to make the dough and it did a great job of mixing the wet sticky ingredients into something that hopefully can be worked with.

400g Strong flour
100g Spelt flour
20g Fresh yeast
70g Sugar
165ml Warm water
165ml Warm milk
10g Salt

These ingredients are all mixed up and left over night for bulk fermentation

Dough after overnight fermentation

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