Part 2 : Croissant Filling

Rolling out dough

This post is about shaping and filling the croissants. Before we do this though, the dough needs to have the butter added to enrich it. The butter is knocked down to a rectangle about 1cm thick. The dough is then removed from the fridge and the butter folded into it by placing on the dough and dough folded over it and rolled several times. The dough then goes back to the fridge for another hour.

In in the meanwhile, an isosceles triangle template is cut out of card. Originally, the recipe is 25cm high by 20cm wide. This seemed a little big, so we shrunk the triangle down proportionately.

Once the dough has chilled, it is rolled out and cut with the template. The filling is added and then rolled up from the wide base to the apex.

Chocolate and raspberries
Peanut butter and chocolate

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