This is a collection of breads that have pulled pork embedded within the dough along with apple sauce and sage stuffing.  It was a challenge set to me from a colleague at work – ‘Make a bread, Si, with pulled pork in that doesn’t spill out everywhere.’  So I thought about it decided to make a naan – a flatbread that could contain everything without becoming too heavy going.  After quite a bit of research, I made the pulled pork myself and was lucky in that someone else at work gave me some cooking apples from their garden.

Pulled Pork

I’ve never made pulled pork before and, in fact, I’m not that adventurous when it comes to meat.  I’ve eaten it before and enjoyed it, but have never concerned myself with dressing meat up.  Pulled pork refers to the meat being slow cooked and then literally pulled apart with forks, leaving a stringy, melt in your mouth, meat.  One recipe I read was interesting in that it suggested brining the meat first for at least 8hrs to soften the meat before cooking, so I went with this.  I made a mixed spice rub containing chilli, cayenne pepper, cloves, paprika, turmeric, ginger and cumin.  Three tablespoons of this was added to 1.8L containing 140g salt and 85g brown sugar along with a  few bay leaves.  I left the pork shoulder for about 24hrs in a large Ikea bag.

This was then drained off and patted dry.  The remaining dry spice mix was then rubbed into the meat all over.  I then placed this into my Sage Multicooker with a glass of Heston Mulled Cider in Waitrose and cooked on slow for 10hrs.  Then, using two forks, pull the meat off the bone and fat.


Bread Options

I made two of my naan doughs, the only adjustment being that I used all white strong flour instead of half chapati.  This made about 16 naans and for each one, apple sauce was smeared over the rolled dough, then stuffing and then the pork was sprinkled over half.  The dough was then folded, crimped and cooked on a frying pan, no oil needed.

With plenty of pork left, I made a brioche loaf using the same recipe, but not making rolls.

Then went on to make some embedded soft rolls.

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