This weekend, I got back into bread making after a bit of a splurge of buying other breads and freezing them.  I didn’t do it on purpose, but I landed up buying quite a bit and needing to get through it before making my own again.  Anyway, I’ve been working through it and was able to make a couple of loaves, starting with this poppy seeded bloomer.

Slashed and ready to be cooked

Because I’d been out of the show for a bit, I thought it might be prudent to follow a recipe, particularly since I wanted to make a wholemeal that tasted better than I’d made before.  I took the recipe out of a new book I was given and modded it slightly by making the with dough one third wholemeal and two thirds white flour.  As a curveball, I also used some fresh yeast I’d bought and froze.  I’ve never used fresh yeast before, but some books had commented that it makes for a superior taste.  I’m not too sure about that, but it certainly survived freezing and rose a lot.

225g Wholemeal Flour
400g White Flour
15g Fresh Yeast
2tsp Salt
430ml Water

The dough was prepared as normal, the only difference being that the fresh yeast is mixed into a little of the water to make a slurry almost and then the rest of the water added before it goes into the flour and salt.  It’s like mixing all the dry ingredients together and then adding all the wet ones in one go.  I left the dough overnight in the fridge.

In the morning, I knocked it back and shaped the loaf on a silicon mat.  Just before it went into the cooker, the dough was brushed with salt water and poppy seeds dropped on.  Amazingly, they stayed on too.  Quickly sprayed with water, filled the bottom tray with water and slid on to the baking stone.

Seeded Bloomer

What I did notice is that this this particular dough allowed me to slice properly and it’s the first one that has, visually it looked good and I was pleased with how it came out.  I also dropped the temperature 15mins into cooking and covered with a silicone mat that seemed to help stop it burn, but cook well.

Seeded Bloomer

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