This is the second set of loaves I have made with the excellent Avoncroft Museum flour.  There’s something about this fine milled ingredient that’s great at absorbing water and gives the dough some real strength.  It bakes with a lovely colour and gives a chewy crumb that’s hard to put down.  This recipe is for a sesame seed loaf, which I’ve been wanting to make for a while.  The recipe is based on one from the Josey Baker book, which I really rate for making bread to suit a working lifestyle, where the fridge is your great tool.



30g Starter
240g Water
210g Wholemeal flour

Seed Mix
160g Toasted Sesame seeds
110g Poppy seeds
240g Water @ 100ºC

Main Dough
500g Locally milled wholemeal flour
250g White strong flour
24g Salt
480g Water @ 28ºC




Before anything, the sesame seeds should really be roasted, they will taste incredible after this one step.  Roast them at 180ºC for 15mins, shaking the tray every 5min.

The leaven was mixed up and left overnight for about 8hrs.

In the morning, the roasted sesame seeds and the poppy seeds were mixed and soaked in boiling water.  This mix is drained before placing in the dough.

The main dough is mixed into the leaven, with the seeds and left for 30mins.  The dough is then stretched and turned every 30mins for about 8 cycles.  It is then placed in the fridge and left until the next day.  The dough was then divided in two and shaped.  Before it was dropped into the proofing baskets, it was rolled in a mix of poppy and sesame seeds.  Left overnight in the fridge, it was then baked in a dutch oven, covered for 20min and uncovered for another 22mins.



The toasting of the seeds worked really well.  The bread is excellent as either a sandwich bread or as toast with butter.  I shall definitely be making this again.

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