Sourdough Starter Update

I noticed that my starter had become increasingly smelling of acetone and after several feedings, it wouldn’t go away, so I’ve gone dramatic and and recreated it using a teaspoon of the original and a teaspoon of Trewithen Dairy yogurt, a bit of Cornish magic!  The acetone smell is actually hooch, which is a by product of fermentation.  What it means is that while the starter is healthy, it’s consuming all the nutrients in the rye and essentially running out.  I’m hoping restarting it and feeding well, should reduce the hooch smell and bring back the fruity aroma it originally had.


20g Original starter
20g Natural yogurt
40g Rye flour
40g Water

I’m leaving it out and then will feed it again tomorrow and then begin feeding and dividing day after that.

Please leave any thoughts

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