Following on from the success of my previous Avoncroft Museum flour bread, I decided to buy some freshly milled spelt flour from there.  The spelt from there is of single variety called Arcor.  I have’t been able to find out much about the grain, but it’s produced another great loaf.



25g Sourdough starter

25g Wholemeal flour / white flour mix

25g White strong flour

50g Water @ room temperature


Main Dough

350g White strong flour

250g Wholemeal flour

285g Spelt flour

750g Water @ 28ºC

22g Salt


The method is the same as previous sourdough loaves.  The leaven is mixed and left overnight at room temperature.  It is then mixed with the main dough ingredients, except the salt and left for 30-40mins.  The salt is then added and for the next two hours, the dough is stretched every 30mins.  It is then left for another hour before shaping and leaving in the fridge overnight.  It is then baked in the morning.



I was really happy with the results.  The loaf came out with a tasty crust and soft interior, slightly nutty in taste.  It was the first loaf that I have made that has had the hydration required to open the crumb and although it was tricky to shape, it’s come out well.


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