Here we are, my first attempt making bread.  I carried out some research (google) and found a basic recipe to begin with,  I decided what I wanted to do is find a simple white bread recipe that I could practice with.  Something that I could master and make some decent product from.  I wanted use something I could slightly adjust then review it using a control brew.  After checking Jamie Oliver’s recipe, I settled on using the BBC Food one, using some methodology from JO.


  • 500g Strong Flour
  • 2tsp Salt
  • 7g Fast Action Yeast
  • 3tbsp Olive Oil
  • 300ml Water
To make the bread, it’s pretty easy and I used an old Kenwood mixer complete with dough hook attachment.  The flour is mixed with the salt and yeast and then the water and oil are added.  The mixture turns into a dough and it’s kneaded until it’s satin smooth.  It’s then left in the bowl for an hour as it expands.  Expand it does, it’s then made into shape and left for another hour. The dough is then baked and happy days.
A few lessons were learnt on the way.  Firstly, strong flour has to be used.  It’s flour for bread making gives the dough the elasticity it needs.  I bought some from Marks & Spencer and it was ideal.  The yeast is sold as a box of 7g sachets, which worked really well too.  I used the oil we had in the house, which turned out to be extra virgin olive oil which directly affected the flavour of the bread.


I was really pleased with my first ever bread attempt.  I made two round loaves and this one pictured.  It did rise and it cooked well in our fan oven.  The taste was ok.  It had a distinctly sour taste to it and I think this was down to the oil used.  It wasn’t unpleasant, but it was a little on the sour side, it was also fairly heavy and dense.  I was surprised about the amount it yielded and I even froze one of the round loaves in fear of them going off.  As it was, they lasted a week and possibly tasted better after a few days.  I got the frozen loaf out a week later and freezing it hadn’t affected the consistency or the taste.
For a first effort, I was happy, though it did take me a while to realise what had happened in terms of taste.

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