These rolls are apparently Waterford Blaa which is an Irish recipe with a protected status, so a baker has to be certified before claiming these are Blaa. What makes them characteristic is the floury coating and the softness of these white rolls, as well as their square shape.



500g White bread flour
10g Fresh yeast
10g Butter
10g Sugar
10g Salt
300ml Water


Mix all the ingredients up. I decided to use the Sage again to make the dough so I mixed the fresh yeast into a portion of the water and then added all the water to the bucket. Then added the sugar and butter, flour on top and placed the salt in a well, as you might for dried yeast.
Set the machine to K1 5 K2 15 R1 1hr @ 27°C
The dough was then pulled out and shaped with rice flour on the surface. In order to make each roll roughly the same size, I weighed as I cut the dough into half and half again. This dough makes 8 large rolls and they weight about 105g each.
I spent some time shaping – folding them over themselves and turning and tucking in so they had no seams on top.
They went on a baking tray with a floured base and sprinkled flour on top. Left for an hour to rise.
Baked middle of oven at 200°C for 18min

White rolls


Superb! Very soft, lovely to pull apart and taste smashing. I was so happy I made more using Cotswold Crunch flour.

Cotswold Crunch rolls

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