Wholemeal Bloomer

This weekend, I wanted to try making a bloomer in the same as last week’s seeded bloomer, but reversing the flour mix. Last week, I used a third of wholemeal and two thirds white. This week I made it two thirds wholemeal and one third white. Other than that, the recipe was the same, except I didn’t paint salt water on before cooking nor add poppy seeds.

The resulting loaf came out looking good. I had used a proofing basket this time and it had creating some tram lines around the perimeter of the loaf which looked good, highlighed by the rice flour I used to coat the bamboo of the basket.

Wholemeal Bloomer

Taste wise, I felt this was a better loaf than last weeks as it had a simply more nutty and grainy flavour. I’m happy with the recipe and certainly, it could become my go to recipe for bloomers.

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