Wholesome Wholemeal

Following the success of the white loaf, I wanted to make a wholemeal in the same way.  I had read that many wholemeal recipes included some white flour, so I replaced 100g of wholemeal for strong white.

100g Strong White Flour
400g Strong Wholemeal Flour
1tbs Olive Oil
1tsp Salt
400ml Tepid Water

The flour was mixed with the oil and 300ml of  the water and left for 30min. The remaining water was added with the salt and the dough mixed in the mixer, using a dough hook this time, for a good 6mins.  The dough was then left for an hour before refrigerating overnight.

In the morning it was left to reach room temperature before being knocked back and shaped.  Cooked in the same way as before – 230deg for 40min.  It turned out another 10min was needed – it’s tricky to know when bread is cooked fully.  It was cooked, but it was felt it needed a bit more.

Wholemeal Bread
This bread came out really well too.  It had a tasty and crispy crust with the centre being moist and flavoursome.  It’s interesting because the wholemeal flour isn’t expensive stuff, but it tastes good.  It might be worth picking up some Leckford Farm flour next time, just to try it.

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