Coconut And Raspberry Brownie

Here’s a truly superb recipe for brownies and if cooked carefully, can yield the kind of cake that’s crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside – which as we all know is the best kind


185g Dark chocolate (85%)
185g Unsalted butter
3 Eggs
275g Golden caster sugar
85g Buckwheat flour
40g Cacao powder
150g Raspberries
50g White chocolate chunks
40g Diced coconut



Before anything, place the white chocolate in the freezer to cool down.  Then, start with melting the butter and the chocolate together.  This will then need to be cooled before progressing further.

Whisk the sugar with the eggs, adding one at a time until the mix is moose like.  Fold in the chocolate and butter mix.  After this, sieve the cacao and flour spoon by spoon and fold in.  Finally add the white chocolate, raspberries and coconut.

Bake for 25min @ 165ºC.

Very importantly, only cut when the brownies are completely cool.




This recipe made 20 brownies at 221kCal each

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