I’m creating a new section for my website called Breadcrumbs, which could be related to me having more than a passing resemblance to Penfold, but in fact, it’s here to document my attempts as I try to bake bread.

I like bread and all it’s associated derivatives, I always have, looking forward to my sandwiches in my tupperware box that I took to school. Where all the other kids got into their crisps and bars, I used to take great pleasure in peeling back the cling film and tucking into my bread goodness. They weren’t special sandwiches and it wasn’t special bread, there was just something comforting and enjoyable taking tiny bites into that soft white fluff. Maybe it was like being at home or maybe it was the seemingly limitless combinations of fillings, I’m not sure. I also remember being horrified that people would not like the crusts and throw them away. Now, I wasn’t that keen on having curly hair or having a hairy chest, but I definitely didn’t want to leave my crusts and I did subscribe to the fact they would me a strong young man.

So, moving on, whether it was regular white bread, floury rolls, baguettes or, the height of sophistication, garlic bread, I loved bread. As I got older and started buying my own food, I discovered how sheltered I had been as I discovered the wonders of ciabatta, wholemeal and seeded breads. I was horrified as dieticians would vilify bread, but I stayed loyal to that doughy goodness.

It’s taken me ages, but I have been wanting to bake my own bread. I decided 2014 should be year for doing this and after munching through a freezer full of bought breads (left over from Christmas), now is the time to get started.

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