I recently struck on the idea that making yogurt would be a great thing to do since I eat it every day for breakfast with my custom built, ‘every mouthful is different’ muesli. I also remembered from way back at school, that it was easy to do. I immediately set about hunting down recipes and discovered that some people use a slow cooker, which is handy since we own one.

I did hit a snag in my research in that all the recipes I could find were ones based in America and the problem with that is that they use odd imperial measurements for everything – quarts? cups? gallons? fahrenheit? what are these things? I did find a London based company using coconut milk in millilitres so I’m using that as a basis and then creating my own recipe based on all the research I’ve collated.


500ml Organic full fat milk
1.5Tbl Live Yogurt


Heat the milk to 82ºC and let it cool to 40ºC then take a small sample and stir in the yogurt. Mix it back altogether and then leave it overnight wrapped up. Then strain. The more you strain, the less tart tasting and thicker it gets. Effectively, this is how Greek yogurt is made.

At least that’s the idea. The problem I have found is that even though I have a thermometer, I have no really accurate way of measuring the temperature of the milk. It won’t clip on and it takes an age to reach a measurement. I may need to invest in a digital one, but I’ll persevere here.

Nine hours later and I’ve had a sneaky peek. It looks like some separation is happening and there is definitely the smell of yogurt. I’m leaving it for the full 12hrs and then begin to strain the liquid, which is whey, off. Incidentally, whey is high in protein and apparently works in bread quite well so I might keep it and use it later.

Here we have the fermented yogurt mix. This must now be strained. The more it is strained, the creamier in consistency and taste. Removing the whey also removes the tartness from the yogurt. I’m using a chemex and coffee filter paper – a bit unconventional but it seems to be working.

Planning to leave this for a few hours and see what it’s like then.

This is it, the completed artefact! This is organic homemade yogurt, hasn’t been tasted yet, but is now resting in the fridge after straining for about 3hrs.

UPDATE : it tastes great, really very nice – mild, creamy, pleased.

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