Alien Anthology Box Set

Now this might convince me to buy into Bluray! Much to the dismay of my fellow podcasters, I haven’t invested in Bluray. There are a few reasons, firstly, I wouldn’t just want to get a player and add to the number of boxes under the TV. It would have to support some kind of PVR as well and I might as well wait for Freeview HD. Secondly, I’m not really sure how long Bluray will last as broadband gets faster and more services offer rentals and downloads. Now, I realise that 1080p video, which is what the disc provides, would make for massive files but I can’t help but feel Blurays are a stop gap until it all goes digital. There are those that like to hold something in their hand, but my house is already cluttered with laserdiscs, tapes and DVDs.

Saying all of that though, look at this

And now look at this, click on the picture for a bigger version:

I mean, you just would, wouldn’t you. You’d want to hold that and marvel at the design and imagery. I remember looking at the VHS box set – it was a black box with a face hugger moulded into it. I suspect quite valuable nowadays. I’ve always enjoyed the Alien series, Alien and Jaws were the first films that made me scared, really scared and I’ve always used them as a marker for terrifying me! I loved Giger’s Alien and was luck enough to see the Director’s Cut at the cinema in 2003. Aliens is great, especially the extended version and I’m one of the few that actually likes 3 and Resurrection. Each disc has the original and special editions, commentaries and all the Making of videos. So, yeah, I might get turned with this because I’d love to watch them in high definition and get scared all over again. are quoting £79 for the above box set and £45 for the disc set without the egg, it’s out on 26th October 2010, better get saving…var zoomImagesURI = ‘’;setupZoom();

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