My previous post was about Worcester Film Festival and drumming up some support for it. Hold on, how did this come about? Out of the middle of nowhere, there seems to be talk of a film festival and my name is all over it?!

It’s funny how some journeys start years ago and when you’re least expecting, something happens and the handbrake is taken away. That’s exactly what happened last week. I saw that Worcester City Council were working on a consultation project, inviting views from the public and using tools like Facebook and Twitter to open it up to the widest number of people. There was a conversation that I joined a bit late about arts and amenities. I commented the need for a film festival and, perhaps more importantly, an indie or arthouse cinema. The council had already asked for potential buildings and seemed to be interested in looking into it. I got quite excited and posted some more. Before I knew it, I’d befriended another like minded person on Facebook, got tweeted by WCC and received an email from Worcester News, the local newspaper. So you could say the momentum had started. The Worcester News asked me about my ideas for an arthouse and I mentioned that I had started writing a plan for an old cinema, the Northwick, years ago. It turns out, it was nearly 10 years ago -didn’t realise that amount of time had passed! I also got in touch with the organiser of Worcester Literature Festival, due for June 2011 who is also interested in a film festival.

Today, I created a page on Dead End Podcasts to gauge some public interest, organised a meeting and replied to the newspaper. It seems like I’ve embarked on a journey to bring a film festival to my home city. I started it years ago, but suddenly, through some conversation, it’s now happening. Funny how it all happens by almost accident! I’m going to be interested in the response. We’ve already had 20 votes virtually without promotion.

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