I’ve just come across an article that talks about email etiquette, specifically about using BCC in emails. The BCC, or blind carbon copy, is where you can copy someone into your mail message without the recipient of your message knowing. For example, you might be writing to your boss and want to let a colleague know without your boss’ knowledge. So it’s a bit underhand, but there are uses for it. For example, if you wanted to send out a newsletter to a large number of people who didn’t know each other and probably wouldn’t want to share their email addresses, BCC is ideal. You may also want to email someone a link for a useful article and keep a copy for yourself in Evernote, you could BCC into your private notebook email address. Actually, you could also use it in the same to post to blogs as several blog platforms allow for email posts. Sadly though, other than for mass mailing, BCC is used for the underhand reasons and I’ve fallen victim to this in the past (a good few years past) and I have to say I’ve not used BCC in a long time. There are better ways to mass mail anyway, so BCC should really quietly sit in a dark corner, not to come out. It’s interesting to see that recent revisions of email programs don’t actually default to showing the BCC field anymore and this probably a good thing.

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