I like shopping, I like a bargain and sometimes I’ll make sure I use those free vouchers that come in the post even if it means stockpiling on something I use (like Oatly).

Today is Monday and in some places in the world, it is called Cyber Monday. It’s called this because in America, just after thanksgiving, it is the most common day to hit the internet and buy stuff. If Black Friday is for brick stores, Cyber Monday is for web commerce. As I say, I like a bargain, especially with Christmas coming up. I like to get my birthday out of the way and then concentrate on gifts. This year though has been a bit crazy. Every day last week (and a little before), I have had a deluge of emails telling me about this deal or that discount, all focussing in on this weekend past. In fact, some places, such as Amazon, are simply having a 10 day or so sale on and, as a customer, I am expected to spend every waking hour to sift through those unmissable bargains and make my purchases.

This year, it got a bit too much. Like previous years, when horrific stories were told of customers turning into animals and stomping over each other to get to the best deal for a half decent TV from Asda, it was definitely turn for the internet, where every single shop wants to put flashy, never seen before deals in front your eyes. I got sale fatigue and switched it all off. I did get a few things for my wife and that was it.

It seems that all the occasions we have in this country have been turned into huge money sapping events, if you let them. I noticed Valentines Day was so heavily marketed, I felt like I was a rubbish husband if I didn’t treat my good lady to a spa, jewellery, flowers, chocolate and whatever else. I like a good shop, but this heightened consumerism has kind of left me an ashen taste in my mouth and really put me off.

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