I haven’t been blogging a huge amount because I’ve been busy moving stuff around. I’ve transferred my personal, bread and coffee blogs from Tumblr to Blogger and I’m in the process of setting up a new photo blog too.

The key reason behind the shift is integration and streamlining. I’ve always preferred Google+ as a social network and although many people (friends) do not use it, I find its good for what I’m looking for. I like the design and it’s fairly sophisticated in its approach to filtering and what can be done with it. More recently, I’ve learnt the wonders of Google Photos and as I’m keen to reduce any server load on our end, it seems like a great place to host and organise photos. I’m already cross posting to G+ and with new iOS integration too, it just seemed to make sense to move to blogger. It is an aging blog platform, but I discovered that you don’t have to use their old themes, you can use a Bootstrap based one, making it responsive for different size screens. 
I’ve just created G+ Collections for bread and coffee and it’s all looking good. I am keeping Tumblr as a backup and a presence there. 
Ultimately, all the blogger content will be used in my main site, whenever that gets done. For now though, the blogger platform serves me well and I’ve managed to mashup maps too, which couldn’t be done on Tumblr as it doesn’t support location post data. 
The current blog roll looks like this:

dr0plets – personal thoughts, ideas and observations
thebeangrinder – Discovering delicious coffee
thedoughhook – A journal discovering the art of baking bread
topofthehops – The equivalent of a little black book of encounters with fine beer
fifteenframespersecond – Film reviews (not yet transferred)

All these will link together with a unified menu while the Rapidweaver site begins development. 
Then the new travel photo journal which is close to launch. 

Please leave any thoughts

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