You may have noticed a barrage of blog entries lately to this and my other blogs. I think this has been mostly triggered by some specific learning experiences that I’ve been embarking on lately. Whether it’s been the iBook or making yogurt, I’ve decided the best way to document everything is to write it into a journaling or diary app called Day One, which is excellent, by the way. I can write on any device (even my Watch!) and see it sync across. These entries are easily then transferred to the respective blog and thus lots of entries.

This and the other blogs really aren’t to become famous, become an authority or be anything but an externalised expression of my learning or logging of events (or coffee).

If someone finds it interesting then great, I’m more than happy to share, but if it floats over the internet without any ‘likes’, comments, links and reports no analytics, then that’s fine by me too.

One day, I will collate all this content into a central website too, along with all my Instagram photos and other bits n bobs.

Please leave any thoughts

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