We went to Hereford yesterday for a bit of a change and shop. Originally, we had planned to go to some neolithic sites, but the extreme rain prevented us, so we stayed in the city.

I like Hereford, a lot. It’s small and compact and has a perfectly functional centre. Everytime I go there, I always find a new alley or street and I love that.

I used to work there and it definitely has a different feel to neighbouring Worcester, probably brought about by Hereford’s agricultural trade. Worcester has a bit of a buzz, it’s busy and is trying hard to stand up to the big guys. Hereford is a bit more relaxed and happy to go along like it always has and I kinda like that. The population is a little over half of Worcester. In fact the whole county is little more. Worcestershire has about 535k and Herefordshire 179k – that’s a big difference as the landmass is similar in size. However this does give an insight as to what they both like.

It does seem though that the city will be changing over the next few years as the old cattle market has been closed and will be demolished, making way for a new wing to the city centre. I hope it keeps it’s charm and doesn’t let too many chains in.

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