I’m really pleased to blog that today the all new Dead End Podcast website went live. The Dead End Podcasts are collection of podcasts that I am involved in all about film. We do a bi-weekly look at an iconic film maker, we do drama based shows and a monthly tech show. We have a reasonable listenership but have never had a site until now.

It’s the first phase and there are lots of ideas as to what we want to do. I’m pretty pleased with it. I used Rapidweaver to design it and there are some really nice features like the flowbox and slider blades for navigation. There’s an audio player that works as HTML5 in a support browser like Safari and Chrome, but it gracefully degrades to work in Flash on Firefox and IE. You can subscribe, leave comments (using Disqus) and share content. You can even embed our shows into your site!

In the near future, there will be a blog, which I’m planning to make easy for all the hosts to post to. There’ll be a community page which links into all the other places we are and we’ll also be looking at special articles and donations. Please go have a look and let me know what you think. I’m trying to collect the feedback on

Dead End Podcast feedbackvar zoomImagesURI = ‘http://www.ismunn.me.uk/files/’;setupZoom();

Please leave any thoughts

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