Well, it’s taken me some time, but I have begun digitising my video tapes. As I might have mentioned before, these are tapes of raw video footage that have been shot over the years for various film projects. There are also a few old TV programmes I wanted capture. I’m doing this for two reasons : 1. To actually be able to access the footage there and 2. To de-clutter, tapes take up a lot of space and the equipment needed to play them also does. My plan was to use an Elgato Hybrid unit which allows you to connect a video source and the software will just capture it, but unfortunately, my Elgato has stopped working and it would cost £100 or more to get it replaced. Instead, I thought I’d be a bit resourceful and devise another way.

I’ve started off with a S-VHS video recorder. It’s a JVC HR-S7500 and has been a loyal companion to my film making for many years. From that, I’m running an S cable and stereo audio into my DV camera which happens to have DV in. This is one of the reasons why I bought the camera. It’s quite old now, probably six years but it features all the I/O which is frequently missing from today’s devices. Sorry, should say, it’s a JVC HR-DV4000 and it has a mic input, line input, headphone out, line out, S in and firewire out. I challenge you to find a consumer camera today that has all those ports. Finally, I run a firewire 4pin to 800 cable from the camera into the Mac.

I’ll capture using iMove because it’ll allow me to scrub through the video very quickly and remove the header, footer and any breaks in footage. I can then copy the raw .dv files on to a separate hard drive for archival.var zoomImagesURI = ‘http://www.ismunn.me.uk/files/’;setupZoom();

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