Digitisation Moves to VHS-C

The first thing I’d like to blog about is the state of my digitisation project.

I have digitised all my VHS cassettes. There were 43 in total and after converting them all into 0s and 1s, they amounted to 600Gb which is currently sitting on a large hard drive, mirrored RAID for safety.

My next digital wannabes are my VHS-C cassettes. These small little camera tapes were made as a compact VHS tape for cameras and I own a JVC camera that I enjoyed using. My plan is to hook the camera up to my DV camera so I can import the footage in much the same way. They’re only 45min each and they’re not full, so I’m hoping they won’t take long.

Something I am conscious of though is what I’m going to do with these tapes afterwards. I don’t really want to throw them away, I want to send them somewhere to be recycled. If anyone knows where, let me know.

Please leave any thoughts