Today I’ve been to Worcester, my home city. I’ve had dinner with my brother and had a meeting at the Volunteer Centre. Funny thing happened though.

As I say, it’s my home city and I’ve always been proud of that, but today I felt disconnected from it. It’s odd but I walked around the town centre while waiting for Will and even though I knew exactly where I was and where I was going, it felt alien to me. True enough, I haven’t been for a while wrapped up in work and other things but it was an odd feeling. I felt kind of out of time. Not a vast amount has changed and there were even people I vaguely recognised in the street. Not sure enough to say ‘hi’ but pretty sure. The buildings are the same, the shops are mostly the same but I didn’t feel the glow. Perhaps it’s too small now – it certainly didn’t take me long to do the circuit. Perhaps it’s because the city feels gripped in an apathetic clasp – most people not really caring a lot about where they’re going or that anyone else is around them too interested in copying the ‘big city’ folks. Or maybe it’s just me and my mind placing a filter in front of my eyes.

It bothers me a bit actually, hence the blog post. It bothers me that the place I call home doesn’t feel like it anymore. My actual home is a small village and to be honest feels more home that my birthplace does now.

I just edited a line further up and I might have nailed it. It’s become a city that isn’t unique anymore, or at least not so much. It’s too busy trying to pull in the big shops – you know the ones, the ones that are everywhere that it’s forgetting it’s core. Either that or the core is being wrapped up and kept for curious folk only. I think that’s it –  it’s beginning to lose it’s individual charms and is filling up with people who don’t care and just want cheap clothes and expensive coffee. Now you can do that, but you have to create space for it and not just overwrite in the name of re-generation.
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