Exiled is a crime story based in Hong Kong.  Now, I do like a Hong Kong action film and I rate The Killer as one of my favourite films of all time along with other John Woo / Tsui Hark  / Ringo Lam classics such as Hard Boiled and A Better Tomorrow.  Yes, I am a bit of a Chow Yun-Fat fan.  So I was interested to see this show up on BBC4.  It’s got some stylised action that are trademarks of the genre, but the story is quite lacking and it’s just not as engaging as the others.  It’s a bit like watching a bunch of scenes that have been stuck together with watered down copydex.  There’s a lack of meaningful dialogue too, there’s just a lot of moody guys looking at each other with a bit of slow-mo before they get their guns out.


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