Fair Game is a true story based on a an ambassador played by Sean Pean stands up against the US government in the height of the war on terror and, in particular, speaks out on the dubious evidence for weapons of mass destruction. His wife, Valerie Plame, played by Naomi Watts is a CIA agent who works overseas on secret operations.  The government responds by publicly uncovering Plame, blowing her cover and operations.  This puts a strain on family life as they find themselves in the eye of the media.

I generally enjoy political thrillers and if they are based on a true story, then all so the better.  The film was based on two books written by the Plames, though I would need to look them up to learn more.  It reminded me a lot of Inside Man, which was a bit more tense and better paced, however, the acting in Fair Game is superb, as you might expect, given the cast.  There are some touching moments, for example, when Penn’s character asks Watts where she is flying to, worried that she might be found in a ditch or a prison, just adds some genuine realism.

A worthwhile watch.

Fair Game

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