In The Flesh is a short zombie story from the BBC. I can’t remember the BBC telling a zombie story, so it was well a worth a watch.

Rather than telling the story of the rising or during a zombie apocalypse, this tells a story after a zombie attack.  The Government have devised a way of controlling the ‘rotters’ by creating treatment centres where they are counselled, given drugs and face paint and contact lenses to hide their complexion.

Roarton is a village where the community came together and fought the zombies with a volunteer army and are quite prejudice against the zombies and any humans suffering from Partially Diseased Syndrome.  Kieran suffers from this condition and after treatment, has been sent back to Roarton.  The story follows his flashbacks of his last attack, his remorse, family and surrounding villagers.

It’s a three part series, but it’s quite interesting, well worth a watch.

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