I’ve seen the musical and I roughly know the music. I’ve also seen the trailers and online clips, but this didn’t prepare me for this dramatic film. Now, some people are not going to like it as there is very little spoken word, nearly all of it uses music as the dialogue, even more so than Moulin Rouge. This doesn’t bother me, I just found it an alternative way of telling a story. The film has amazing costume, sets and make-up but what puts the film aside is the way it was filmed. It’s been made quite a deal of how the actors were recorded live and the music was added in post. This means that the song is played at the pace of the actors, not the score and it makes it far more emotional. Many of the songs are filmed with one shot – they aren’t edited which amazed me. You have a 3 or 4 minute song that is telling a story and that is acted out with a single shot. Some might say you just can’t have a shot that lasts that long but, in fact, it’s absolutely captivating and it’s closeup too. You basically have a character singing and breaking down and crying in that same shot so the pressure on the actors must have been immense to maintain that emotional state. They’re all good too – everyone acts flawlessly. I was also surprised to learn that it was actually filmed in England, not France and Tom Hooper should be commended for this. This is what British film should be and should be celebrated as such.

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