Metropolis is one of those essential sic-fi films that should be on every film scholar’s list.  Embarrassingly, I hadn’t seen it until last weekend, I was invited to a screening at the Mac in Birmingham with a live Pink Floyd tribute band called Shrink Floyd providing the soundtrack.

Metropolis was the first feature length science fiction film, masterfully directed by Fritz Lang.  It tells the story of a rich man’s son realising the injustice between his way of living and that of the workers who power the city.

The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart

Not wanting to give anything away because it has to be seen, Metropolis is a masterpiece.  So much of it is relevant today with the class system, industry and technology.  it’s amazing to see the tech that Lang imagined in the 20s because we have it now!

A show of how much of a masterpiece it is, is the fact that it has clearly influenced films, music and books since.  It’s set design, social commentary and future vision provides lots of inspiration.

Shrink Floyd provided some great soundtrack work, with added machinery sounds where needed.  They played perfectly in time with the visuals and even had a laser at the birth of the ‘machine man.’  It amazed me how well the Pink Floyd tracks fit the themes of the film too.

UPDATE : I tweeted the Mac to check which version it was they screened and it was the 115min version, which is a great deal shorter than the 150min version I have on Bluray, so I must watch this

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