Micmacs is a French steampunk comedy from the director who brought Amelie, Delicatessen and City Of The Lost Children.

It tells the story of Bazil who is accidentally shot in a drive by shooting.  The bullet becomes lodged in his head, as does the idea of ruining the company who manufactured the bullet.  His father was also killed by a mine from a competing arms factory.  He is adopted by a strange family of misfits who live in a reclamation site who repurpose parts they find into art forms and other machinery.  Together, they hatch an intricate plan to bring about the demise of the weapons companies.

What I enjoyed so much about this film is the imagination and the ideas in the story.  It’s simply really well told, it’s funny and really well directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet.  I love all the characters that he has created and the actors he chose to play them.  They’re all great to watch, especially my favourite French actor, Dominique Pinon.

Highly recommended.


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