When I came across a trailer for Shanghai, I thought to myself ‘Chow Yun-Fat and Ken Watanabe in the same film?’ How could this not be a beautiful event? True enough, Shanghai is beautiful to watch – there’s stacks of atmosphere as we walk through the last Chinese hold from the invading Japanese during World War Two. It also stars John Cusack and Gong Li (Memoirs Of A Geisha), throw in David Morse and you’ve got a great cast. The story follows Cusack’s character as he tries to find out who killed his best friend and why. Sometimes, it seems like trying too hard to be the emotionless spy and is weak against his counterparts but it might be a reflection of the script. What could become a really deep plot involving Pearl Harbor turns out to be little more than a simple love story, which actually I liked. Often films try to get too complicated and it feels like this could be one, but actually you realise it’s simple and is better for it.


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