So I need to admit something before we go any further. I am a Trekkie, a person that watches Star Trek for enjoyment. I am someone who has based some of their belief system on the Trek universe.

Now we have that out of the way, we may proceed. Many similar fans of Star Trek have been fairly public about their disdain towards this new film from JJ Abrams, saying it isn’t consistent and it doesn’t hold the same values. I actually think its a very good film and in my opinion, you can’t reboot or reimagine a franchise without making some changes. Abrams has got by this by creating a slightly alternate timeline. Yes, it’s a bit clunky, but it’s sci-fi and you can do that. 
Star Trek is a great ride, once we get going, it doesn’t let up for a moment. The  plot is about a renegade Romulan wanting revenge on the Federation for ‘allowing’ the home world be destroyed from a dying star. However, the real story  is watching our well known crew members grow as people as fate brings them together, the forging of some of the most famous friendships in tv / film history. The stand out member of the cast for me is Karl Urban who plays Dr McCoy – he’s a long throw from Eomer in Lord of the Rings and is almost unrecognisable, but he’s fantastic as the space doctor who hates space travel. Chris Pine carries the weight of Kirk very well – it must be hard to have all that expectation on you and Zachery Quinto (and his younger version) is perfect as Spock, though he really comes into his own in the sequel. My only dislike, apart from the blinding lens flares and there’s way too many of them) is the casting of Scotty. Scotty was always one of my favourite characters and I cannot understand why they chose Simon Pegg other than for being known and comedic. Why not go for a real Scot? I have nothing particularly against the man, but the casting was a poor choice as he is clearly there for humour and the film doesn’t need it. 
That being said, I loved this new version and I have a review coming up of In Darkness to see how the adventure continues.


Star Trek

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