The Impossible is the true story of a family caught up in the tsunami that hit Indonesia and Thailand in 2004.  Rather than concentrating on big special effects and disaster itself, the film concentrates on the human story.  That isn’t to say there aren’t any, it means that this isn’t a disaster film like Day After Tomorrow, this is about how people deal with catastrophic loss, damage and physical and emotional injury.  There is some very good acting here by all the actors, especially the children and there some tear jerking moments too.  They look like they have been up for days with no sleep and have an unspeakable weariness in their faces.  Any film that can bring about emotion in an audience is doing its job, in my opinion.  There are some difficult scenes to watch as well, it never occurred to me what else would be in the water as people were washed away – all the debris bouncing off or hitting bodies.  The only comment I do have, is the unnecessary need to create several audio crescendos with background noise and for it to suddenly drop as a scene changes, it works at the start, but I’m not sure what the director was trying to say at these points.  It doesn’t detract from the film too much, fortunately.

The Impossible

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