The Man In The High Castle

The Man In The High Castle
As an Amazon Prime customer (which I can’t recommend enough), I was offered the chance of buying an Amazon Fire TV stick for next to no money and decided to go for it. I’d watched a little bit of Amazon Prime, streaming from the iPhone, but to be honest I hadn’t warmed to it as it wasn’t always great quality and the audio would fall out of sync. Despite this though, I figured a device plugging directly into the TV might be useful especially since it had BBC iPlayer and useful for that alone. 
I’ll review the unit on my normal blog, but I wanted to comment on The Man In The High Castle which was the first thing I watched. This TV pilot is based on the book from Philip K Dick and produced by Ridley Scott so it’s got some guns behind it. It’s also produced by Amazon itself, which is novel. 
The story follows a world where the Allies lost World War 2 and the U.S. is divided into a German ruled East and Japanese ruled West with a neutral zone in the centre. 
The time is early 60s and there are talks of Hitler becoming ill and there’s a Cold War between the two countries. There’s a growing resistance movement and Rufus Sewell keeps order on the German side. Juliana, in the west is given a reel of film showing news footage of the Allies winning the war by her sister who is killed just after. She was due to meet someone in the neutral zone. Similarly, in the east, our main actor has to drive a drive to the neutral zone city called Canon City. Neither are aware of each other but do meet. Without giving anything away, I’ll stop there. 
The production is excellent, we see a Swedish business man arrive in the U.S. from London by Concorde which is cool and he makes a comment about how fast it is. The streets are dressed with old vintage players from the war covered over with swastikas and propaganda. On the west coast, there’s a sense of a tense peace among the people and it’s wonderfully played out by a shop keeper and Juliana’s mother. 
I really enjoyed it and I was pleased to read that Amazon has decided to make it into a full series as I’ll be eager to see how it plays out, having not read the book.

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