I’ve decided to start this blog, as a part of my other droplet blogs, to document the films I watch.  It’s quite appalling that I haven’t done this to date and perhaps I should start 2013 with recognition to this.  Film, to me, is a marvel of an art form, a storytelling medium.  For an age, we have all enjoyed being told a story, whether it was sat on a grandparent’s lap, sat around a campfire or read to from a novel.  We want to imagine being there, within that story and film arguably, is the closest medium we get to that, especially when it is presented in a cinema.  From the craft of film-making itself to the subject matter, it continues to push our storytelling abilities.  It often reflects our own humanity and it pushes our own abilities to invent and innovate in real life.  For some, film is a social compass, for others pure escapism, but one thing is sure, we don’t tire of them and long for the next <insert director / actor name here> blockbuster.

I’m simply going to use this blog as a diary of my film-watching habits and maybe add some thoughts here and there.


Please leave any thoughts

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