When Derin Falls

When Derin Falls is a film from Turkey that was sent to me by The Film Festival Doctor.

It tells the story of a 8 year old girl who lives a life without love.  Her mother suffers from depression and commits suicide and the father seems quite aimless in life.  Derin loves her father but sees little return, except for some particular moments.  The majority of the first half of the film is shot in their house which is gloomy, adding to the sense of depression that hangs over it.  Besides Derin, the characters are all tired and really carry a sense of given up, no spark of life.

The film’s direction adds to the mood with very little musical score and long wide shots that linger as if they are waiting for something to happen.  It’s paced slowly and these elements demonstrate how isolated Derin is.  The acting is spot on with Yaren Aynuz playing Derin, she shows boredom through a child’s eyes as well as excitement when her father returns from work.

It’s my first ever Turkish film and I wasn’t sure what to expect, this brooding drama is one of these stories that doesn’t really have an ending, more of a snapshot of a life.  It’s an interesting watch and at 88mn, probably just the right length.

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