In my previous post, I was trying to put down what my plans were for this website. The idea of it being an online record or portfolio (and I use the term loosely) and to put my stamp on the web. My good friend, Al from Neverwhere, made a comment about perhaps it is me trying to find my blog voice and it struck a chord with me, maybe a vocal chord -see what I did there?!

I have blogged in the past. I’ve blogged about projects that I’ve been involved in and I’ve blogged about news updates. What I haven’t blogged about is me and what I think. My previous blogs have been about facts and events, links, updates and alike, but never really about me personally. Now, I’m not suggesting that this blog i going to turn into some kind of life journal, it isn’t but I have realised that I don’t actually have a blog voice as such, it’s always been a bit mechanical. I’m going to try and push my personal firewall out a little and post more about things I think about as well as the things I’m interested or involved in. I was chatting to Al and Paul the other night about blogging and Al made the comment that the style of his blog almost dictates what he writes about and goes down routes he might not normally write about. Once I’ve found an identity for this site properly, it might do the same.

It is all about finding a voice. One of our podcast listeners has actually made the comment that I am far more involved as time has gone by. He says I’ve settled into it more and have a far more active participation of the discussions we get up to. So why is this? Am I more comfortable or is it for another reason? I tend not to make a comment on something unless I’m really sure it’s relevant, accurate and worth saying. Maybe it’s a little of both. I’m certainly not ‘that guy’ who needs to say everything and be validated by everyone else around him. I’m not the ‘expert’ in any of this. To be an expert I’d have to know everything and I mean everything about something – then I’d speak about it. It is said, in fact I have said to others, that everyone is an expert in something – I guess I need to either decide what I’m an expert in, decide what I want to expert in and then learn it, or chill a little and not get caught up and find the inner voice.var zoomImagesURI = ‘’;setupZoom();

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