Scala Cinema, Worcester
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Today, I met with Stephen, who is the Worcestershire County Council Arts Officer. It was the first meeting I’ve had about the film festival and although I had prepared something, I was a bit nervous.

Why? Well, I guess, this meeting really starts the ball rolling so that tiny snowball has just started down the hill. Not only that, but although I can organise events, I’ve never done a film festival and it opens up a different community of people. In the old days, my events for or with young people and there was a community of youth workers. This event causes me to enter a new collection of people from the arts world. No big deal, but it’s just a bit outside my comfort zone. Funny actually, a couple of weeks ago at work, I was put doing something else and I then realised that my comfort zone at work was people shouting at me in the face, which is a bit odd!

So apprehensions aside, it went really well. Stephen had lots of ideas and contacts and the meeting was very fruitful. Tomorrow, I’ve got several more, just trying to squeeze a bit of networking in before Xmas.

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