Hi, welcome to my section of the information highway!

I’m Simon, but you’ll see me dotted around various sites under the not very discret name of ‘ismunn’ What’s here? Well, at this moment of time, not a lot. I’m planning to make this my home by linking and embedding all my other work here. The idea is that if you want to know what I’ve done, what I’m doing and then planning to do, it’ll be here. I’m involved in quite a few projects and I’ll bring these into the conversation as and when. So as time goes by, there’ll be pictures, audio and video – that’s about all I’m promising right now!

I’m also using this site as a test bed for various web technologies so if you see anything a bit odd and out of place, don’t worry it’s only temporary and if you blink, it’ll be gone!

Please leave any thoughts

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