In my teens, I picked up a book on our communal bookcase at the top of the stairs called Nineteen Eighty Four. I started to read it and a few pages in, I simply couldn’t put it down. No big deal you think, but I wasn’t someone who particularly read a lot of fiction. My teachers said that I was too serious, too scientific and I should read some fiction to open my mind. I had imagination, but it wasn’t the kind the teachers were looking for. Mostly I resisted and read factual books. The fiction I did read tended to be sci-fi but this Orwell novel was something that literally opened a door in my head.

After reading it, I did a bit of research and realised the book had been written in 1948, yet to me, it was as relevant as ever and it still is. Since then, I’ve read it many times and would probably class it as my favourite novel. At school, later on, we read Animal Farm and I really enjoyed that too.

So, imagine my delight to find out today, that both stories are available as free audiobooks! They are chapters in mp3 format and are available from the links below. I’m downloading both and immediately transferring them into iTunes for listening.

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