The Great Digitisation Project 2010

Well it’s a few years late in the coming, but today I took a bit start to my Digitisation Project.

This project is something I’ve been needing to do for a while. It’s basically a de-clutter exercise where I try to digitise old stuff to and free up some space. Today I started on paper. Back in the day (about 10 or 12 years ago), my good friend, Alan, wrote many scripts and stories. They all centred around a place called Blackbridge and they all deserved to be committed to film. Things don’t always work out though and they have remained in script form, or rather paper form. In fact about 5-7cm thick of paper form. It’s a lot of paper and a lot of space. There are about 30 odd pieces of work that have been gathering dust and today I digitised the lot.

I have a rather nifty Epson SX600FW printer that has a sheet feeding scanner on it. Turns out it’s a nippy little number and can scan pretty quickly. Now the problem with scanning double printed paper is that some how you need to get the pages back in order afterwards. After a whole lot of messing around, and this should be a lot easier in this day and age, by the way, I figured out an Automator script that could do the post re-organising for me. Ultimately, I wanted to get them into a pdf format, which fortunately is a core technology in OS X. PDFs are great as they are cross platform and space efficient. So the workflow looked like this:

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