On Sunday, we held a film-makers day at Worcester Arts Workshop and I think it went rather well. 38 people attended, 3 workshops and 8 screenings of home grown films. 

We started off with Simon introducing the day. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to live stream due to not being able to connect the Internet pipes up. Despite this, he promoted the #worcsff tag for the event. After a history of the film festival’s origins, we showed our two films from Eliander Pictures. Dave Pitt then hosted a question and answer session with the film-makers and many people proposed questions that were all answered. 

Following this was a talk from writer James Clarke who discussed writing specifically for short films. The session went down very well with lots of nods of heads and questions. Hopefully, James will attend the main event and be able to run a full workshop. 

We then showed the experimental and visually stunning Evelyn which stirred some great debate. 

Because of the relaxed and informal atmosphere, there was a great deal of networking during be brief lunch. The Q&As had certainly removed any natural barriers. 

Another film called Madame Bijoux was the shown which was a period drama by Alix Paul. It’s unusual for an indie short to take this genre on, but it was very well executed and Alix explained how he’d managed to work with a variety of partners to pull it off. 

Chris Weaver then took to the stage and spoke about going pro. Chris is a professional cinematographer and it was interesting to hear his perspective and how specialising and mindset were so important in progressing a career in film.

The next film that was shown was a stop motion animation by Emily Currie which was sublime. Dave said his vision of an animator was staying in a basement for 6 months at a time and Emily replied that’s exactly how it is!

Simon ran a session called the State of the Shire where he invited the film-makers to comment on the benefits and barriers to film-making in Worcestershire and their needs. There was a great deal of discussion around these areas and all the feedback has been collected.

We finished off with two films from Screen Productions, a comedy parody and a music video.

This was the first of the film roadshow events and, although it was exclusively for the film-makers it went really well. A high level of participation and a great networking opportunity for all.

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