My Cardio Challenge

I’m not a fit guy. I’m healthy sure, but I wouldn’t say I was fit. I eat well and I work hard, but I don’t ‘work-out.’ Never been a member of a gym and never intend to. However, couple of months ago, at work, I was invited to take part in a one day fitness event. It was a global event where employees could all take part. You could walk or run, but you had to cover 3km within that 24hr period and I did it. 3km is nothing to me as I walk everywhere anyway. In fact I do over double that getting to work. The way it was done was to use Nike+ which records your exercise and uploads it to a website where you can track your own progress and check on your peers. I thought it was a great idea and good for a company to promote healthy living.

After that, they announced a Cardio Challenge which lasted for 6 weeks. In that time you could select an appropriate challenge, based on distance and compete against everyone. So today, it has ended and I am proud to say that I completed 160km or 100miles in that 6 weeks and not only that but I landed up being 9th in Europe! I want to point out that I didn’t buy the trainers or sell my soul to Nike, but I did enjoy the process. You have to understand, I’m not known for my physical exercise so I’m chuffed with this achievement. and I wanted to share it!var zoomImagesURI = ‘’;setupZoom();

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